Name the four gases which were present in the primitive atmosphere. Which kingdom
was the first to evolve on earth?

What is a cell organelle? Which ones are responsible for (i) cellular respiration, (ii) and
photosynthesis and (iii) as site of protein synthesis.

State the difference in the characters of Dicot and Monocot roots with respect to (i)
number of vascular bundles and the (ii) pith

Write one sentence each on any two of the following

(i) Lenticels
(ii) Definition of fermentation
(iii) Respiratory Quotient

State the difference between autotrophs and Saprotrophs. Give an example of each.

Describe the functions of stomach and liver of humans in digestion.

Given below are names of certain animals classify them into ectotherms and endotherms.
Tiger, peacock, lizard, mosquito

Define homeostasis. Which part of the brain regulates temperature of the body in humans?

Draw four labelled diagrams of amoeba showing how it ingests its food.

What is Recombinant DNA technology? Describe in one sentence each three stages by
which this technology is carried out.

Comment cany two of the following.
(i) DNA Fingerprinting
(ii) Bt Crops
(iii) Biopiracy
(iv) Biopatent.

Prepare a pictorial chart/an album or a short power point presentation on any of one of
the following topics.
(i) Global warming (ii) Biomagnification (iii) Entrophication

Visit a nearby hospital or dispensary or a patient in the neighbourhood and find out about
(i) one mosquito borne disease present your material as/lecture/powerpoint presentation
from the material collected by you including pictures taken on your mobile.

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