The first ionisation enthalpy of Mg is higher than AI. Why?

Electron gain enthalpy of Cl is higher than F. Why?

Calculate the packing efficiency of a metal crystal for simple lattice.

Indicate whether you would expect the entropy of a system to increase or decrease of the

(i) N2(g) + 3H2(g) → 2NH3
(ii) O2(g) → 2O(g)

Write down the expressions of equilibrium constant for the following reactions:
(i) 2SO2(g) +O2(g)  2SO3(g)
(ii) N2O4(g)  2NO2(g)

Easily liquefiable gases are adsorbed more readily. Why?

Describe the underlying principle of each of the following processes:
(i) Extraction of Ag from silver ore with a solution of NaCN.
(ii) Electrolytic refining of crude metal.

(i) Role of limestone in the manufacture of pig iron from haematite.
(ii) Role of Pine oil in the froth floatation process.

Explain the following:
(i) PbO2 acts as oxidising agent. Why?
(ii) Carbon has a tendency to form long chain compounds but silicon does not. Why?

Name the two water soluble vitamins, their sources and diseases caused by their deficiency
in diet.

A group of 20 students of Class XII went to a nearby village. They observed that there is
a lot of difference in the environment of rural and urban area. In urban area, there is a lot
of pollution. Peoples are suffering from cough, typhoid, and skin diseases but in rural
area people are healthy. There are a large number of trees in rural area therefore,
environment is clean.
(i) What are the main reasons of air pollution?
(ii) What are primary and secondary pollutants?
(iii) Name two water borne diseases.
(iv) What is global warming?
(v) Why is it advisable to switch off engine of vehicle at red light?
(vi) What is photochemical smog?

The students of Class XII went to a nearby medical shop. They were interested to know
the name of medicines used to cure the different diseases. They have collected the
following medicines:
Seldane, 0.2% Phenol, Penicillin G, Quinine, Phenacetin, Morphine
Answer the following questions:
(i) Which one is used as antiseptic?
(ii) Which one is used as antihistamines?
(iii) Which one is used as antimalarials?
(iv) Which one is used as antibiotic?
(v) Which one is used as analgesic?
(vi) Which one is used as antipyretic?

Session 2018-19 (Chemistry – 313)

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