Why is India called Planned economy?

Give justification for adopting the stategy of industrialization

Explain the meaning of Sustainable Development

What are the important components of the Human Development Index (HDI)?

How does availability of institutional credit impact the level of poverty in India?

What are the causes of regional inequality in India?

Explain the LPG Model of the government to promote economic growth.

Describe any four limitations of Statistics

From the following frequency distribution table, prepare ‘less than’ and ‘more than’ cumulative
frequency distribution table.

Class (Mark obtained) Number of student
0-20 7
20-40 12
40-60 13
60-80 8
80-100 10

From the monthly budget of an industrial worker of NOIDA Industrial Area, it was found
that the family spent Rs. 600 on food, Rs. 220 on clothing, Rs. 100 on housing, Rs. 50 on
comforts, Rs. 20 on education and entertainment and Rs. 10 on miscellaneous items.
Construct a pie-diagram.

Present the following data in the form of ‘less than’ ogive and ‘more than’ ogive. (Lesson – 7)
Class (Mark obtained) Number of student
0-10 5
10-20 10
20-30 12
30-40 20
40-50 13
50-60 20
60-70 18
70-80 02

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