English (202) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-20

English (202) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-20

English (202) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-20

English (202)
Tutor Marked Assignment
Max Marks : 20

Note :
(i) All question are compulsory. The Marks allated for the respective questions are mentioned against each
(ii) Write your name, enrollment numbers AI name and subject on the first page of the answer sheet.

1. Answer any one of the following question in about 40-60 words.
(a) Why did the monkey throw the squirrel away? How did this prove a blessing for the squirrel?
(b) What difference has come about in the behaviour of the people of yester years and the present generation? Illustrate your answer with two examples?

2. Answer any one of the following question in 40-60 words.
(a) But believe me son I want to be when I was like you. I want to unlearn all these muting inings. Most of all I want to relearn how to laugh.”
(i) What qualities / traits of his childhood does the poet want to have once again?
(ii) What does he want to unlearn?
(b) Traditionally in India the neem has been used widely as a medicine, for many centuries. In can fight inflammation, hypertension and ulcers. It can combat diabeties and malaria. Rashes and wounds disappear in no time. You name it and neem cuses it. It is a panacea for many ailments.
(i) Recount some of the diseases which can be cured with the help of neem.
(ii) Find the word in the passage which means the same as, ‘remedy for all ills or difficulties.

3. Answer any one of the following in 40-60 words
(a) Comment on the role of the grandmother in trying to make the family atmosphere warm and comfortable.
(b) Why does neema say that she is blessed to be named neema? What does vembu say in her support?

4. Answer any one of the following question in 100-150 words.
(a) Read the following information about Dr. Verghese kurien and develop it into a paragraph.
• Born in calicut on 26th November 1921.
• Studied mechanical engineering at the university of madras.
• Govt. a scholarship to study in the USA and obtained the M.S. degree with distinction.
• Was good at cricket, tennis and boxing.
• On his return to India formed the govt dairy at anand, Gujrat.
• Set up a milk processing plant, now known as Amul Dairy.
• Developed the Amul Dairy to a large cooprative dairy in India.
• Known as the Architect of Modern Dairy Industry and the white revolution.
• Honoured with Padmashri, Padmabhushan and Raman Magasaysay awards.

(b) Write about the three vision Dr. A.P.J. Abdul kalam had for India.

5. Answer any one of the following question in 100-150 word
(a) Write about the roles played by Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, Tribhuvan Dass Patel and Dr. Verghse Kurien in bringing about prosperity into the lives of the poor cattle farmer of Gujrat by starting and carrying out the cooperative movement in dairy farming.
(b) What kind of relationship did kezia have with her father? Did the father and daughter come up to each other’s expectations? Illustrate your answer.

6. Prepare any one project out of the following
(a) In the lesson, “Cooperate and prosper” you have read how Dr. Verqhese kurien and
Tripbhuvandas Patel worked on the concept of coopreative societies and set up the Anand
Dairy Milk plant in Gujarat.
Visit 3 or 4 cooperative stores in your town and find out the following information, write
a report of the project undertaken and its finding.
• When and how the store was started
• Number and names of the members
• the articles sold.
• the kind of clientale.
• how they have help in generating employment.
• the number of people/house hold depending on these stores for their livelihood.
• the average income of the employees.
• the revenue generated in the form of taxes.
(b) Modern towns are getting overcrowded because of urbanization we find that the village
people are migrating to towns in big numbers for various reason.
Take up a project to find out the reason of this urbanisation.
Visit at least 05 house holds of people who have migrated from your locality.
• Find out the reason for migration
• What difference it has made in their live
• Whether they find city life better
• What is it that they miss in cities
• What greater facilities they find in cities that were not avalable in villages.
• Whether this create imbalance in the rural and irban population
Based on you findings write a report. Also suggest what steps should be taken by the gov
to stop imgration.

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