Discuss the crop pattern of Peasantry in Medieval Period?

What were the factors for significant economic change in mid 18th Century?

What is meant by Rule of Law and Equality before Law?

“Nationalism was the result of the emergence of nations and nation-state in Europe.”

Explain any four factors responsible for emergence of new social classes due to industrial
development in the beginning of 20th century.

Explain the Russian (Bolshevik) Revolutin of 1917-1921 as a model of National liberation.

Illustrate the historical importance of the inscriptions with special reference to Ashoka’s

Define the term the Mesolithic period. Discuss the Geographical distribution and
subsistence pattern of the Mesolithic cultures of India.

Explain the major cultural achievements during the early medieval period.

Assess the contribution of Zainul Abidin as a great ruler of Kashmir

Collect pictures of Nagara, Dravida and Vesara style temple and make a collage of it. Do
this project with the following guidelines.

Find out the time period in which they were built and who built them.

Also find out the material which was used to build them.

Compare them with the other monuments made by the other ruler/dynasty either of
same time

Survey any slum area near your residence to compare the drainage system, roads and
aesthetic with the city life an Ancient Harrappa.

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