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Answer any one of the following question in about 40-60 words.

Meeta loves to talk to strangers. Keeping this characteristic of her in mind, suggest two career
options suitable for her.

What are the methods of cooking the chapatti and the bread? Write one advantage and one
disadvantage which are common for both the methods. What is the effect of these two methods
on any two nutrients in each food item?

Kumkum cuts her finger while searching for a knife in a drawer full of spoons. What first aid will
you give to stop the bleeding? What two precautions will you suggest her not to repeat such

While buying biscuit, which who important information will you check on its packet and what

two points will you consider while buying potato? Write one point in each case on which you
will reject the food item. Justify your answer.

Write four ways to prevent water logging in your area. Name four diseases which might affect
your community due to water logging.

Thirteen (13) year Mira and 10 year old Manoj are siblings. Answer the following about them.
I. What should be the approximate ideal height and weight of both
II. Write in detail about the tooth development in both
III. Which physical features will appear in Mira only
IV. Which four values they must develop? Justify your answer


Samira is in her second trimester of pregnancy. Whic two suggestions you will give for each of
the following-
I. Her food

II. Medical Checkups
III. Exercise and rest
IV. Preparation for the new baby

Describe methods to be followed during the following-
I. Washing towels by hand
II. Removing curry stain from a silk sari
III. Washing and ironing a white cotton shirt
IV. Tying a fabric for dyeing using binding or marbling method

Describe the process of involed in each of the following.
i) Making satin wave
ii) Block printing on fabric
iii) Yarn stage dyeing
iv) Spinning of yarn

Sapna has just finished her senior secondary. Her father works in a factory and mother is a
home maker. She has two younger brothers studying in class VIII and V. Help Sapna to
1. Convince her father to construct a toilet at home (needs, advantages, benefits to
2. Encourage her mother to use her skill of tie-n-dye profitably
3. Prepare her brother (class VIII) for his exams after missing school due to long illness
(confidence building, time management, study skills)
4. Prepare a diet chart for her younger brother who frequently suffers from diarrhea
(nutrients needed and ORS)

Your younger brother is going out to buy milk, egg and bread for the first time. Help him for the
1. What four instructions will you give him to buy quality product?
2. What essential information will you tell him to check label on the bread?
3. Will he find the same information on a label on a fan and on a packet of medicine? Justify
your answer.
4. If you have give him Rs 200/ to buy one litre milk @ Rs 50/- per ‘litre, 6eggs @ Rs 5/ per
egg and one bread @ Rs 40/ per packet. How much money he will return you.

NIOS Tutor Marked assignment in secondary/senior secondary examination will carry 20% marks in the external examination and these marks will be add your mark sheet.

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