Is it true that product of 3 consecutive natural numbers is always divisible by 6? Justify
your answer.

Give examples of Linear equations whose graph is
(a) parallel to x-axis
(b) parallel to y-axis, and
Draw graphs of these equations.

Assignment Session 2018-19 (Mathematics- 211)

First term of an AP is 4 and the common difference is 3. Its 12th term is same as the 8th
term of another AP having first term -5. Find the common difference of the second AP

A number is first increased by 20% and then decreased by 15%. Find the net increase or
decrease. Does it make any difference if it is 15% decreased first and then 20% increased?

Rahul walked from A to B as shown in the figure, where diameter of the semicircle is 7m.
Sunita walked the same distance by walking round a square park. Find the side of the

The length of a Rectangle is 8 m less than thrice its width. If area of the Rectangle is 1675
sq m them find the length and width of the Rectangle.

A wholesaler marked a Shirt for Rs. 500 and a Trouser for Rs. 1500. The Wholesaler
allows 20% discount to retailer on any purchase. Retailer changed the price slip and
marked the Shirt for Rs. 600 and the Trouser for Rs. 2000. He allows 15% discount to
every customer. Find the price at which the Shirt and the Trouser will be available to a

Varun is planning a rectangular flowerbed of size 30 m x 20 m in such a way that it has a
rectangular pond of size 3m x 2m in the middle. He wishes to plant Rose, Jasmine, Lily
and Sunflower as shown in the figure. Find the area of the portion in which he wishes to
plant Sunflower.

A ladder of length 10m is leaning against a wall making an angle of 600 with the horizontal
plane. It touches the wall at point A. If the ladder is rearranged in a way that it leans
against the wall making an angle 300 with the horizontal plane, it touches the wall at point
B. Find the length of AB.

Draw ΔABC, in which ∠A = 600, ∠C= 400. Draw AD⊥BC meeting BC at D. Draw AE
the angle bisector of ∠BAC meeting BC at E. Find ∠DAE and ∠AEC. Measure the
angles to verify the results.

Conduct the survey of 50 households from your locality/village, regarding population
and family income.
(i) Present the data related to family members in tabular form mentioning frequencies.
(ii) Calculate the average family size. How many families are above the average family
(iv) Draw the Bar graph for top 10 earning families.

Observe a Cricket match to be held in the current year. Prepare a project report indicating
comparison of the performance of the two teams with respect to
(i) data of individual scores
(ii) team-wise average score per over
(iii) run rate of individual batsman who did batting
(iv) run rate of individual bowler who did bowling
(v) draw the Bar Graph for displaying the 5 top scroer batsmen of the winning team.

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