Mathematics (211) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020

Mathematics (211) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020

Sum of the two numbers is 51. If one of the numbers exceed the other number by 11, then find
the product of the two numbers.

Sum of three consecutive terms of an Arithmetic Progression is 42 and their product is 2520.
Find the terms of the Arithmetic Progression.

In the given figure radius of the circle is 5 cm. Chords AB
and CD are parallel and distance between them is 7 cm. If
CD = 6 cm, then find AB.

In the given figure BC = 4 cm, CD = 3
cm, CE = 2 cm and AC = 6 cm. If AB
= 3.2 cm then find DE.

In the given figure, find the measure of BPC.

Rajesh puchased an electronic item from a wholesaler. Item was marked for Rs. 2500. Wholesaler
offered a discount of 20%. Rajesh sold the item for Rs. 2300. Find his profit or loss %.

A metallic solid cylinder having diameter 6 cm is melted and recasted in the form of a sphere of
the same radius. Find the total surface area of the cylinder.

In a rectangle, difference between length and breadth is 7 cm. If length of its diagonal is 13 cm,
then find the area of the rectangle.

80 meter wide rectangular field has area 12000 m2. It is to be fenced with wire. If fencing cost
is Rs. 50 per meter, then find the total cost of fencing.

Observe a one-day Cricket match to be held in 2019. Based on it prepare a project report
indicating comparison of the performance of the two teams with respect to :
(i) team-wise average run rate
(ii) run rate of 3 top scorer batsman from each team
(iii) run rate of individual bowler of each team
(iv) present the data from (iii) in the form of Bar Chart
(v) run rate of the player who has been awarded as ‘Man of the Match’

Conduct a survey of temperature of any five cities in India for a particular month and prepare
a project report with respect to
(i) average of maximum temperature of any one of the cities
(ii) Date-wise data of minimum temperature of the five cities in tabular form
(iii) average of minimum temperature of all the five cities on a particular date
(iv) Represent the data of city-wise average maximum and minimum temperature in Bar

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