In a group of 100 people, 60 people like to play cricket, 20 people like to play both cricket and Tennis. How many people like to play Tennis but not cricket?

Find the measure of an angle in degrees and radians formed by an arc of 2.5 cm length at the centre of a circle with 15 cm radius

In how many ways a committee of 5 members to be formed out of 6 boys and 4 girls, if:
(i) two girls are included in the committee
(ii) at least 2 girls in the committee

The number 593 is a term of the AP formed by the terms 5, 9, 13, . . . , is it true? Check it and find the number of this term.

Find the equation of a parabola with focal points (-8, -2) and directrix y -2x + 9 = 0

Two balls are drawn at random, with replacement from a box containing 9 black and 7 white balls. Calculate the probability of both balls are black.

Using Mathematical induction, prove that for any natural number ‘n’ the statement 42n > 15n is always true.

A Card is drawn from a pack of 52 cards, so that each card is equally likely to be drawn from the pack. ‘A’ is the event that the card drawn is of ‘Spade’ and ‘B’ is the event, where the card drawn is an ‘ace’. Explain whether the two events are independent.

The product of three terms of a GP is 512. If 8 is added to the first term and 6 to the second term, find the new terms form an AP.

Give an example of a function whose graph is symmetrical about origin and draw the graph.

Express 7i7 + 6i6 +3i3 – 2i2 + 1 in the form of a + bi

Collect the data for maximum and minimum temperature for last 20 days in the current
(i) Find the range of the data
(ii) Find the mean deviation of the data
(iii) Draw the frequency polygon based on this data
(iv) On this frequency polygon, mark the day having maximum and minimum

Conduct a survey of 50 house holds of your locality in which number of family members,
age and whether Aadhar Card issued or not is to be included.
(i) Find the average family size
(ii) By taking appropriate class interval prepared the frequency table for the data
related to issuing Aadhar Card.
(iii) Find the Standard Deviation (SD) on the above data (ii)
(iv) Find the variance.

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