Mathematics (311) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020 Solved Assignment

Mathematics (311) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020 Solved Assignment

Mathematics (311) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020 Solved Assignment Click Here To Download Solved Assignment

How many arrangements of the letters of the word TAMILNADU can be made if all the vowels
are always together?

Atul wants to help a needy lady and so he sends whatsapp message to five of his friends with the
request to forward the same message to five more friends. Assuming that the chain is not broken
and the lady receives 10 paise on each post of the message, find the toal amount of money the
lady receives after the 7th round of messages are posted.

Write 6i5  7i4  3i3  5i2  4 in the form of a + ib and find its square root.

Find (A-B)’ and represent it in Venn Diagram

Write R in roster form. Is R a function? Justify your answer. Represent R diagramatically. Also
write domain, range and co-domain of R.

(Find the general solution for x in
Cos 3x + Cos x – Cos 2x = 0 (i.e. zero)

A Factory makes tennis rakets and crickets bats. A tennis racket takes 1½ hours of machine time
and 13 hours of hand work time in its making while a cricket bat takes 3 hours of machine time
and 1 hour of hand work time. In a day the factory has the availability of not more than 42 hours
of machine time 24 hours of hand work time. Represent the information in the form of linear in
equations and solve them graphically.
(Note : Number of tennis rackets and cricket bats can never be less than zero)

Find coordinates of the point where image of an object kept at point (2,1) is formed with respect
to the mirror kept along the line x+y-5=0

Find the equation of hyperbola with foci (+4,0) and length of the latus rectum is 12.

Conduct a survey of atleast 50 families in your village/city. Take the data of number of persons in
a family, their ages, their educational qualification and income per family. Prepare a project report
with respect to following points:
(i) Prepare age wise grouped frequency distribution table.
(ii) Literacy level in the village/city – Elementary, Secondary, Senior Secondary, Granduation and
higher level and represent it in a pie-chart.
(iii) Standard Deviation (SD) of the income of the families.
(iv) Represent the data in part (ii) with the help of bar graph also.


Observe a one-day cricket match in the year 2019. Prepare a project report with respect to the
following points.
(i) Prepare team-wise grouped frequency distribution tables showing the number of overs as
class intervals and corresponding scores as frequencies.
(ii) Represent frequency distribution tables obtained in part (i) with the help of Histogram.
(iii) Find range of the scores in the match.
(iv) Find team-wise Mean Deviation (M.D) score.
(v) Find Standard Deviation (S.D) of the winning team.\

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