Nios Physics 312 Syllabus Marking Scheme

PHYSICS (312) Senior Secondary Course Blueprint & Marking Scheme 12 Class

Dear learner here we are going to share Nios Physics 312 Syllabus Marking Scheme and passing marks for class 12th of open board nios. For better Preparation of Current Examination Season student must know the passing marks, practical marks & tma marks. Buy Guide Book of Physics 312 Subject.

Physics (312) Question Paper Design for upcoming exam

Subject: Physics (312)                                                                                                              Class: Senior Secondary

Marks: 80                                                                                                                                      Duration: 3hours

NIOS Physics 312 Guide Books 12th English Medium-Top1.Weightage by types of Questions

Type of Question

Marks X No. of Questions

Marks Allotted

Essay (E)


Short Answers I (SA 1)


Short Answers II (SA 2)


Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

















30 Questions

80 Marks

2.Weightage as per the Content




1. Motion, Force and Energy 14
2. Mechanics of Solids and Fluids 06
3. Thermal Physics 06
4. Oscillations and Waves 06
5. Electricity and Magnetism 16
6. Optics and Optical Instruments 14
7. Atoms and Nuclei 08
8. Semiconductor Devices and Communication 10
  Total Marks


Nios Physics 312 Syllabus Marking Scheme for Senior Secondary Class. Complete Detail, Buy 312 Nios Book & Gudes Now.

Physics 312 Marks for TMA/ Practical Leassion 20% of theory marks. Below are the lesson for tutor marks assignment (TMA).

Module-I: Motion, Force and Energy

01. Units, Dimensions and Vectors, 02. Motion in a Straight Line, 04. Motion in a Plane, 05. Gravitation, 07. Motion of a Rigid Body

Module-II: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

08. Elastic Properties of Solids

Module-III : Thermal Physics

10. Kinetic Theory of Gases, 12. Heat Transfer and Solar Energy

Module-IV: Oscillations and Waves

13. Simple Harmonic Motion

Module-VI : Optics and Optical Instruments

20. Reflection and Refraction of Light
23. Optical Instruments

Module- VIII: Semiconductor Devices and Communication

30. Communication Systems

Chapters for Nios Practical Examination Subject – Physics Code – 312 Class 12

There is a compulsory component of practicals in Physics. It carries a weightage of 20% marks in the term end examination.

Module-I: Motion, Force and Energy

03. Laws of Motion
06. Work, Energy and Power

Module-II: Mechanics of Solids and Fluids

09. Properties of Fluids

Module-III : Thermal Physics

11. Thermodynamics

Module-IV: Oscillations and Waves

14. Wave Phenomena

Module-V: Electricity and Magnetism

15. Electric Charge and Electric Field
16. Electric Potential and Capacitors
17. Electric Current
18. Magnetism and Magnetic Effect of Electric Current
19. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current

Module-VI: Optics and Optical Instruments

21. Dispersion and Scattering of light
22. Wave Phenomena and Light

Module- VII: Atoms and Nuclei

24. Structure of Atom
25. Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter
26. Nuclei and Radioactivity
27. Nuclear Fission and Fusion

Module- VIII: Semiconductor Devices and Communication

28. Semiconductors and Semiconducting Devices
29. Applications of Semiconductor Devices

Note: Total Lessons = 30
Lessons for Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) = 12
Lessons for Public Examination (PE) = 18

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