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NIOS is the largest Open Schooling system in the world with cumulative enrolment of 4.3 million (during last 5 years). The NIOS is one of the three National Boards; the other two Boards are (i) the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and (ii) the Council for Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE).

Nios Assignment Details | About Tutor Mark Assignments (TMA) or Nios Assignment

In order to check the progress during the course of study, the learner should take up Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs) seriously. The assignments would be a part of continuous internal assessment and also serve as an academic tool to prompt the learner to take part in the Personnel Contact Programmes (PCPs) and develop rapport between the learner and the tutors at the Study Centres. There is only one Assignment in each subject. The learner must submit the assignments response sheets on time. For more details, please read below and also the ‘Guidelines’ hosted on NIOS website.


Internal Assessment Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) 2021 class 10 & 12 All Subjects

The NIOS has developed several means and strategies to help learners to learn well and be successful. Tutor
Marked Assignment (TMA) is one such Tool which plays a very important role in the learning process under
the Open and Distance Learning (ODL) System. TMAs help learner to know his/her progress and attainment
level and develop regular study habits. TMAs also helps in designing diagnostic and remedial teaching strategies
during Personal Contact Programmes (PCPs).

The learner’s Internal Assessment is done through one Tutor Marked Assignment in each subject. The Assignments
are supplied in a booklet form. The Subject Tutors at AIs correct the Assignments of learners and provide their
feedback and suggestions for improvement. The Assignments are uploaded on NIOS website from where
learners can download them.

Internal Assessment (IA) in Secondary/Sr. Senior examination will carry 20% weightage of theory as continious and comprehensive evaluation. These marks will be shown in the mark-sheet alongwith the marks of external examination which will carry 80% weightage in each subject. TMA is applicable for admission through Stream-I
only. Assignments should be submitted before appearing in the Public Examination of the particular subject.
Assignments will not accepted after passing the subject.

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20% weightage of theory is given to Internal Assessment. The public examination covers remaining 80% of weightage of theory. The result of those learners who do not submit the Assignments is declared on the basis of Public Examination.

Note. 1. Do not pay any additional amount for submitting Assignment Response Sheet at Study Centre. 2. TMA is not applicable to learners seeking registration under the Streams II, III & IV.

Schedule of Submission of Assignments for appearing in Public Examination to be held in April/May and October/November 2021 (2020-2021) Season {Get Nios Tutor Mark Assignment Complete Solved }

The learner is required to submit the assignment at the AI (Study Centre) as per Schedule given below and obtain a receipt thereof. However, in case the AI is not functioning or is closed due to administrative reasons, he/she can submit his/her Assignments as per schedule at the concerned Regional Centre.

Schedule of Submission of Assignments for appearing in Public Examination to be held in April/May 2021 & Oct/Nov 2021 – Submission of Assignments by the Learners to AI (Study Centre)

April/May Examination 31st January, 2021

October/November Examination 31st July, 2021

Public Examination Feedback by the Teacher/Facilitator to the Learners –

April/May Examination 15th February, 2021

October/November Examination 16th August, 2021

In case the last date so specified happens to be a Public Holiday/Saturday/Sunday, the next working
day will automatically be treated as the last date for the purpose.

Note: In case a learner could not submit Tutor Marked Assignment on time at the Study Centre he/she may submit the Assignments alongwith late fee of Rs. 1500/- (to online only on the NIOS website) per subject after due date and after declaration of result till 15th July for April examination and till 15th January for October-November examination at concerned Regional Centre.

List of Subjects for Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) 2020-2021
Secondary (10th Class) Subject Code & Subject Name Secondary (12th Class) Subject Code & Subject Name
·         201 Hindi

·         202 English

·         203 Bengali

·         204 Marathi

·         205 Telugu

·         206 Urdu

·         207 Gujarati

·         208 Kannada

·         209 Sanskrit

·         210 Punjabi

·         228 Assamese

·         231 Nepali

·         232 Malayalam

·         233 Odia

·         235 Arabic

·         236 Persian

·         237 Tamil

·         238 Sindhi

·         211 Mathematics

·         212 Science and Technology

·         213 Social Science

·         214 Economics

·         215 Business Studies

·         216 Home Science

·         222 Psychology

·         223 Indian Culture and Heritage

·          224 Accountancy

·         225 Painting

·         229 Data Entry Operation

·         242 Hindustani Music

·         243 Carnatic Music

·         245 Veda Adhyan

·         246 Sanskrit Vyakaran

·         247 Bharatiya Darshan

·         248 Sanskrit Sahitya

·         301 Hindi

·         302 English

·         303 Bengali

·          304 Tamil

·         305 Odia

·         306 Urdu

·         309 Sanskrit

·         307 Gujarati

·         310 Punjabi

·         341 Arabic

·         342 Percian

·         343 Malayalam

·         311 Mathematics

·         312 Physics

·         313 Chemistry

·         314 Biology

·         315 History

·         316 Geography

·         317 Political Science

·         318 Economics

·         319 Business Studies

·         320 Accountancy

·         321 Home Science

·         328 Psychology

·         330 Computer Science

·         331 Sociology

·         332 Painting

·         333 Environmental Science

·         335 Mass Communication

·         336 Data Entry Operation

·         337 Tourism

·         338 Introduction to Law

·         339 Library and Information Science

·          345 Veda Adhyan

·         346 Sanskrit Vyakaran

·         347 Bharatiya Darshan

·         348 Sanskrit Sahitya

·         373 Physical Education and Yog

·         374 Military Studies

·         375 Military History

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