IGNOU BANC 131 Anthropology and Research Methods Guide Plus Sample Paper English Medium

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  • Strictly Based on Latest Style and Syllabus of IGNOU.


IGNOU BANC 131 Anthropology and Research Methods Guide Plus+ Sample Paper C.B.C.S. (Choice Based Credit System)

Based on Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Self Learning Series All Is Well. IGNOU BANC 131 Anthropology and Research Methods Guide Plus Sample Paper. Right Book is Your Right. Strictly Based on Latest Style and Syllabus of Ignou.


  1. Chapter Summary of Banc 131
  2. Solved Sample Paper
  3. New Course
  4. New Style
  5. Full Syllabus
  6. Questions Type With Answers.: *Important, **Very Important, ***Most Important Sold by PK Kapri & Co.

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Content of Ignou BANC 131 Anthropology and Research Methods Guide Book

Block 1 : Understanding Anthropology

The first block is “Understanding Anthropology”. It gives the learners to basic understanding of the subject matter and highlights the importance of anthropology.

  • Definition, Scope and Significance of Anthropology.
  • Branches of Anthropology.
  • Relationship of Anthropology with Allied Fields.

Block 2 : Origin and Development of Anthropology

The second block is “Origin and Development of Anthropology”.

  • History and Development of Anthropology.
  • Anthropology in India.
  • Fieldwork Tradition In Anthropology.

Block 3 : Major Fields of Anthropology

The third block is “Major Fields of Anthropology”. This block deals with growth and development of major branches of the discipline.

  • Concepts and Development in Biological Anthropology.
  • Concepts and Developments in Social Anthropology.
  • Development and Concepts in Archaeological Anthropology.

Block 4 : Research Methods and Techniques

The fourth block is “Research Methods and Techniques”. This block gives a basic toolkit for field research methods in anthropology.

  • Approaches of Anthropological Research.
  • Methods, Tools and Techniques.
  • Research Design.

Six Solved Sample Papers by The Open Publications

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