IGNOU BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies Guide Plus Sample Paper English Medium

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IGNOU BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies Guide Plus+ Sample Paper C.B.C.S. (Choice Based Credit System)

Based on Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) Self Learning Series All Is Well. IGNOU BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies Guide Plus Sample Paper English Medium. Right Book is Your Right. Strictly Based on Latest Style and Syllabus of Ignou.


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Content of Ignou BEVAE 181 Environmental Studies Guide Book

Block 1 : An Introduction to Environment and Environmental Studies

Today, human society standing at a cross road and searching for the better alternatives for sustainable future earth. That is why there is a necessity that every individual should have awareness and knowledge about the earth’s environmental resources, human – environment relationship and issues emerging out of human – environment relationship. This block has made an attempt to establish the importance of symbiotic relationship and the need for sustainable development.

  • Our Environment
  • Ecosystems
  • Major Ecosystems

Block 2 : Natural Resources

This block discusses about natural resources that provide the base for human sustenance and development by providing ecosystem services. There has been substantial decline and degradation of natural resources over the years. As a result of which, there has been a negative impact on ecosystem services. Therefore, there is a need for sustainable natural resource management.

  • Land and Water Resources
  • Forest Resources
  • Biodiversity : Value and Services
  • Energy Resources

Block 3 : Environment Issues and Concerns

This block consists of four units related to various environmental issues confronted by humans at different levels – local to global.

  • Biodiversity : Threats and Conservation
  • Environment Pollution and Hazards
  • Waste Management
  • Global Environmental Issues

Block 4 : Protecting our Environment : Policies and Practices

This block being the last block of the course has attempted to address the policies, beliefs and practices associated with environment.

  • Environmental Legislation
  • Human Communities and Environment
  • Environment Ethics

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