Science & Technology (212) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020

Science & Technology (212) Tutor Marked Assignment 2019-2020 solved Assignment Hindi & English Medium Available Click Download Button 

Make a table of two column with headings cell organelles and specific functions as shown below and
complete the table.
S.No. Cell Organelles Functions (Specific)
1. _____________ _________________
2. _____________ _________________
3. _____________ _________________
4. _____________ _________________

What is term for the junction of one neuron and the other neuron known as? What does the end of first neuron contain?

Calculate the number of molecule present in 0.5 mole of water

When an iron knife kept dipped in blue coppper sulphate solution turns blue solution into light green colour. Give reason?

Reena is suffering from high fever since night. Her aunt measures her body temperature to 390C using a celcius thermometer. But she wants to know this temperature in Fahrenheit scale before leaving for doctor’s clinic. Help her to convert this temperature on fahrenheit scale.

Bunty is visually impaired. He heard a different person’s voice who is talking his father. Just by hearing the voice of the person, he recognised that sound that this person is his maternal aunt. Identify those charaterstics of sound which is revealed to him that (i) it was female voice and (ii) the person is his maternal aunt.

A ball is thrown vertically upwards and rises to a height of 126.5 m. Calculate the

(i) velocity by which the ball was thrown upwards and

(ii) the time taken by the ball to reach the highest point.

NaCl has higher melting point as compared to nephthalane?

NaCl is a good conductor of electricity in molten state but not is solid state.

State the principle of an electric generator. Differentiate AC and DC generator on the basis of their structure and output. State principle or rule which determine the direction of rotation of the coil in the generator.

Differentiate between following pairs of terms with examples-
(i) Personal health and community health
(ii) Communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases

Look around and make a list of various sources of energy in use. Write atleast six of these
sources in the table and complete required information about it. You can take help from your
study material and internet to collect information.
S.No. Energy it is Advantages Disadvantages Methods of their
Sources renewable conservation

Think and remember a disease that your even had. Remember your condition at that time and use your text book or internet to make a chart with pictures, symptoms, cause, duration, incubation, cure and prevention.

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