Tarun wants to change the page layout of his file “My-profile.docx” to landscape and wants to set page margins as follows:

Left – 1.5”, Right – 1.5”

Write the steps he should follow for the above settings and also steps for back to back page printing.

Tej installed one software on his computer, an extra software also got installed automatically. Now Tej wants to remove the extra software. How can he remove the software?

Sohan forgot to insert an important worksheet before an existing worksheet, how will he correct his mistake?

Sheela created one presentation on “My Family”. She is confused about how to cut/copy/ paste and rearrange the slide of her presentation. What features of a PowerPoint presentation view setup she can use to efficiently perform the taks?

Renu’s mother created one worksheet for her friend and asks her to format the cells by giving borders on header cells. Fill the other cells with pink color for girls and blue for boys. Try out different formats for dates.

Session 2018-19 (Data Entry Operations – 336)

Make an expenditure plan for July month using excel. Total pocket money will be Rs. 500.

Calculate and display

The total expenditure made by the person in July. Display it in B15

Total Savings for July

Irshan create a document on “usage of Internet” but he wants some formatting:

Left alignment of the paragraphs.

Bold and underline heading using short cut keys

Insert space before and afte each paragraph.

Swati is arranging her computer. She wants to keep all the files in the appropriate folders.

Create two folders named “personal” and “Course-related” in D drive

Rename “Course-related” folder to “NIOS”.

Now she wants to create a shortcut for “NIOS” folder on to Desktop so that she can easily access it. How can she create the shortcut?

How can she restore a file from recycle bin?

Consider the following URL:

From the above URL identify the following:

Protocol used

Domain name

Name of the web page

Directory where the page is located

Suppose you are given an assignment to create a word document with following specifications:

Title of the document should be in the Font Trebuchet MS and Font size 14

There should be a specific text at the top of each page. This text should be entered once only and it should appear at the top of every page automatically.

There should be a gutter margin of 0.5”

Document should not display spelling mistakes at the name of a locality

Write steps to perform each of the above mentioned functions.

Create a PowerPoint presentation on Solar Energy. It must include the following (one slide each)

What is Solar Energy?

Why should we opt for solar energy?

Home applicances which can run on solar energy

Cost of different home appliances that can run on solar energy

Different companies providing solar energy applicances in your region/state

Today most of the institutions (school/college/bank etc.) have set up their own computer networks (LAN). Visit any such institution in your neighborhood and collect the following information:

Number of computers on LAN

Is the LAN connected to Internet?

What type of internet connection is being used?

Then prepare a report with this information.

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