Why is an approval of NBA (National Biodiversity Authority) required for any foreign organization before it obtains any biological resource and knowledge associated with it from our country?

How does Mycorrhiza help in Agriculture?

A group of activists sailed from Vancouver, Canada with the vision of green and peaceful world. Mention any two core values of Green Peace.

In what ways do you think, you can inculcate environmental ethics in children. Give any two points

How do dams contribute towards reducing CO2 emission?

Name the first ever known human from whom Homo sapiens sapens evolved.

Arrange the following in a sequence according to the geological time scale. Bacteria, Angiosperms, Dinosaurs, Jawless fish.

A group of young persons who were farm labourers decided to move to a metro city from their village. They had heard about the advantages of urban life from some of their friends. Enumerate any four advantages of urban life as narrated by them.

Session 2018-19 (Environmental Science – 333)

Identify the types of erosion in the figure (a) and (b) given below. How do these types of erosion occur?

A farmer wants to increase his income through other agricultural practices. He stays in the Northern Part of India. How would you convince him to start a poultry farm? Name any two Indian poultry breeds that you will suggest to start his poultry farm.

Air pollution is a cause of many respiratory problems. Suggest any four ways to reduce air pollution in our homes.

Recently (28th Dec, 2017) there was a fire in Kamala Mills in Mumbai which had resulted in fatal deaths of 14 people. Do you think it was human-made disaster or a natural one? Make a project report taking the following aspects into account:
(i) Causes of fire.
(ii) Effects of the fire.
(iii) What fire safety precautionary measures will you suggest to them?
(iv) List out the fire safety measures made mandatory by the Government of India
(v) Which fire safety measures did the Kamala Mill have?

Make a project on Habitat destruction and wild life loss by giving at least six examples of plant and animal species. You can paste photographs or make drawing of the species and also write 3-4 lines about their speical characteristics.
You can take help from Internet, books, newspaper and NIOS- EVS books to complete your project.

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