Analyse any two features of Harappa culture characterise it as first urban culture in India.Analyse any two impacts of the Persian invasion on India culture in ancient India.

How did the vedic Brahmanism transform into Puranic Hinduisim during ancient period in India. How did christianity come to India during ancient period. 

Write any two impacts of industrial revolution of Europe on Indian industries during early 19th century. 

Write the contribution of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan in Muslim Reform Movement in Modern India. 

What were the development in Art and Architcture during Mauryan period in ancient India. Which aspects of Pallavas and Cholas dynasties of South India make the great builders.

With the begining of Second World War how did it intensified the struggle for Independence in India. Examine the role of Brahmo Samaj in the Social reform movement.

Trade was floourishing and many new towns come up to encourage trade. Some communities like the Bauias, Marwaris and Multanis made trade their special vocation. The Banjaras traded in Caravans and were continuously on the move carrying goods one place to another Identify at least four items of trade 

Make a report on the growth of trade and its effect on the life of people during sultant period. How did flourishing of trade help in Mutual exchange in ideas and customs? 

The spirit of Bhakti pervaded the whole of India and found vivid and beautiful expression in the religious poetry of the medieval saints and mystics, no matter what religions faith they believed in. Their literary compositions, rendered into geet. Qawali etc. united the people, as nothing else should have done. It also stimulated the development of regional
languages.Identify any four religious poetry composed by medieval saints.

Make a report of the integration of people from different castes and faiths in the congregation of of medieval saints and mystics. Which regional languages developed by the efforts of these saints and Mystics?

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