Differentiate between Academic and Public Library.

“Public Library is a social institution.” Justify this statement.

Distinguish between Digital and Virtual Library.

How will you categorize a general encyclopedia?

Session 2018-19 (Library and Information Science – 339)

Distinguish between Bibliographic database and Full Text database with an example of each database.

Distinguish between General Dictionary and Subject Dictionary with an example of each dictionary.

Visit the website of Publication Division of India and List its twelve publications. (See Lesson 14)

How can we promote library services by using Web 2.0 tools.

You are a professional in a library. You have to manage e-resources of your library. List the steps which you will follow to manage them.

Visit Web OPAC or OPAC of a library and identify five documents each on Education, Mathematics and History subject.

Visit NIOS website at Download latest Annual Report of the NIOS. Find out the services provided by the NIOS Library and note down them.

Visit the Website of Digital Library of India. Write about its collection, subject, coverage and also process of registration to become its member.

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