A force F
→= 3i + 4j newton is applied on a body of mass 2 kg. Calculate the magnitude and
direction of the acceleration in the body.

The velocity time graph of the motion of a particle moving in a straight line is given in the
adjoining diagram. Draw the below diagram shown, read the graph to answer the following

(i) Calculate the distance travelled by the particle in 4s. (1)
(ii) Find the velocity of motion at instant t = 5s. (½)
(iii) At what instant the velocity of the particle is 15m s–1.

What is the longest wavelength of audio signals to be transmitted in communication
system? Why can’t we transmit these signals directly at long distances? Give any two
reasons. What is done to transmit them to long distances.

The average distance of Uranus from the sun is about 20 AU and that of Pluto is about 40
AU. Find the ratio of the time periods of reveolution of these planets around the sun.

A grinding wheel of mass 5.0 kg and diameter 0.4m is rotating with an angular speed of 2
rev s-1. Calculate the torque which will increase its angular speed to 8 revolution per
second in 2s.

A wire of length L and area of cross-section A is held straight between two rigid supports.
It has zero stress at 0oC. Show that the stress in the wire at 100oC is 100 αY, where α is
coefficient of linear expansion and Y is young’s modulus of elasticity of the wire.

Define Cp and Cv. Derive an expression for the ratio of Cp / Cv for a diatomic gas.

Solar constant on earth is 1.36 × 103 W m–2, If Mars is at a distance of 1.52 AU from the
sun, calculate the solar constant on Mars applying Stefans Law.

Explain how will the power of a lens change when its surrounding medium is changed
from air to water. Give the condition under which a convex lens will start working as a
diverging lens by changing its surrounding medium. Show this phenomenon by drawing a
ray diagram.

Why does the objective of an optical telescope have large focal length and large
aperture? Also explain why does a reflector give better image of a small portion of the
celestial body?

Remove th refill from a ball point pen. Pass an about 1m long thin, strong cotton
thread through the body of the pen. Tie a heavy washer A at the lower end and a
comparatively lighter washer B at the upper end as shown in fig. The masses of
washers must be precisely measured with the help of a physical balance. Mark a point
on the thread at a distance of 20 cm below the lower edge of the body of the pen. Hold
the pen vertically in your right hand and rotate the washer B till it moves on a circular
path in horizontal plane with constant speed. You will find that the washer A moves
up. Increase the speed of rotation till the mark on the thread rises to the lower edge of
the body of the pen. Calculate the speed with which washer B is moving on its circular
path. Repeat the experiment for thread lengths 30 cm, 40 cm and 50 cm below the
lower edge of the pipe. Plot a graph between v2 and r taking v2 on y – axis and r on xaxis.

Take a spring of medium stiffness, about 20 cm in length. Fix the upper end of the spring
to a rigid support. On the lower end attach a scale pan of known mass so that the system
hangs vertically. Pull the pan 1-2 cm downwards and release. The pan will oscillate up
and down. Measure the time of 20 oscillations with the help of a stop watch and calculate
the time period of oscillation of pan. Now place a middle size pebble on the pan, set it in
oscillations and determine the time period of oscillation again. Calculate the mass of the
pebble using the data obtained from your observations.

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