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du sol solved assignment for 1 & 2nd year all subjects BA,

SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper

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Here, we inform you that the last date of submission DU SOL first year students assignment is 11 July, 2020 and Second year assignment is 8 July, 2020. Students have to follow all the guidelines related to the assignment (How to Make Assignment?, How To Submit Assignment?, Where to Submit Assignment?, Assignment sheet use by learner etc.) issued by DU.

Points To Remember – How To Get Good Marks in DU SOL Solved Assignment Paper 2020.

  • Use A-4 Sheet for the assignments writing.
  • Attach the page of Introduction page as first page of assignment where you have to mentioned your name, roll no, subjects name and other important details.
  • In second page Attach the Question Paper in assignment at the time of converting pdf.
  • Write all assignment in your handwriting use blue pen for answers and back pen for question writing.
  • keep your writing good readable in the assignment.
  • According to DU Assignment guidelines – Make sure you write the answer in a proper format.
  • Attend all the questions and write complete answers.
  • Don’t write unnecessary contain or answers for page fill.
  • Submit the assignment before last date 1st year student 11-07-2020 and 2nd year student 08-07-2020.


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SOL & NCWEB – Assignment Based Evaluation – 2020. SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper (For UG CBCS Semester & 2nd Year Annual Students only) Undergraduate (UG) Assignment Based Evaluation – 2020

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See List of Assignment Questions Papers for School of Open Learning (SOL) Students Delhi University (DU)

AECC (English-A) B.A. (P) / B.Com (P) /Pol.Sc.(Hons)/ English(Hons)/ B.Com(Hons) Semester-II SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper.

Q.1 What are the various types of Barriers to communication? How can you overcome
these Barriers? Explain.
Q.2 Define grapevine with relevant examples and discuss its significance for an
Q.3 What are the four types of reading? Explain with examples.
Q.4 Explain the difference between speech and writing. What are the advantages and
disadvantages of speech and writing respectively?

Paper 4 : British Poetry and Drama 14th to 17 century B.A.(Hons) English / Semester-II

Q.1 ‘The General Prologue is a cross section of fourteenth century England.’ Comment.
Q.2 Discuss Doctor Faustus as a morality play.
Q.3 Critically examine the theme of disguise and deception with reference to any two
characters in Twelfth Night.
Q.4 Discuss Donne as a metaphysical poet with special reference to ‘The Sunne Rising’.

Indian Writing in English/ Paper-III B.A. (Hons) English/ Semester-II

Q.1 How does Amitav Ghosh portray the arbitrariness of national borders in The
Shadow Lines?
Q.2 Deven is caught between two worlds- the world of Urdu poetry and the mundane
world of Mirpore. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.
Q.3 Critically explore the theme of gender discrimination in Mahesh Dattani`s play
Q.4 Attempt both questions;
A. Nissim Ezekiel`s “Enterprise” is an allegorical poem. Discuss.
B. How does Meena Kandasamy challenge caste discrimination in the poem
“Touch”? Discuss

Indian Classical Literature/Paper-I B.A. (Hons) English/ Semester-I

Q.1 Critically comment on the idea of ‘dharma’ and ‘justice’ in “The Dicing” and the
“Sequel to Dicing” episodes with reference to Draupadi`s statements.
Q.2 What role does memory, recollection and recognition play in Kalidasa`s play
Abhijnana Shakuntalam? Discuss with reference to repetition of themes and
motifs in the play.
Q.3 Critically comment on the society portrayed in Sudraka`s Mrichchakatika.
Q.4 Discuss the differences between the ethos of Ramayana and Mahabharata with
reference to Iravati Karve`s analysis of Sita and Draupadi.

European Classical Literature/ Paper-II B.A. (Hons) English/ Semester-I

Q.1 The Greek gods and goddesses play an important role in Homer’s Iliad. Write in
detailabout their actions in the epic.
Q.2 “Oedipus bears all the attributes of an Aristotelian tragic hero.” Discuss
Sophocles’ characterization of Oedipus in light of this statement.
Q.3 Write a detailed critical analysis of the ‘Philomela’ episode from Ovid’s
Q.4 What is the theme of ‘The Book of Job’? Illustrate with reference to incidents,
situations, and experiences in the life of Job.

English Proficiency B.A./B.Com Programme/ Semester-II

Q.1 Develop into a short paragraph of about ten sentences the idea given in only one of
the following statements:
 Without hard work there can be no success.
 It is healthy to start your day early.
Q.2 Write a paragraph of about 100 words on your experience during the lockdown period
during Covid-19. If you wish, you may take the help of the following points.
However, you must write a connected paragraph with suitably linked sentences rather
than a list of answers in response to the suggested points/ questions.
your daily routine during the lockdown period
how you felt during the lockdown period.
were you scared to meet people or you wanted to meet people.
Anything new that you learnt during this period.
Q.3 Write a paragraph of about 100 words on any member of your family, a neighbour, a
friend or anyone else whom you admire. The following adjectives will help you in
writing the composition:
Smart, friendly, helpful, co-operative, honest, hardworking, disciplined
Q.4. Write a short composition in about 150 words on your favorite hobby.

English Discipline B.A. (P) II year Annual Mode

Q.1 Is Shylock a villain or a victim or a combination of both? Discuss.
Q.2 What are some of the most serious social problems discussed in Oliver Twist? Discuss.
Q.3 The Quiet American presents the idea that you must take sides to remain human? What does this mean? Do you agree with it? Why or why not?
Q.4 Explain Dramatic Monologue with reference to Browning`s poem My Last Duchess.

English/ Paper-XI B.Com 2nd Year ( Annual Mode )

Q.1 Answer any one of the following in around 300-400 words.
(a) Compare and contrast the lives of the people, in the poems ‘Chicago’ and ‘Garden City.’
(b) Write a detailed description of Albert Foreman’s character in ‘The Verger.’
Q.2 Answer any one of the following in around 300-400 words.
(a) You are Shravan Kumar, the Sports Secretary of your college. Write a letter to Victory Enterprises, a leading firm dealing in sports goods, requesting them to supply their trade catalogue. You may mention the items you intend to buy and ask for a discount on the catalogue price.
(b) You are Udit Mathur from Agra. Write a letter to the Manager of Royal Park Hotel, ConnaughtPlace, Delhi, to find out the rates for conducting the wedding reception of your sister on their lawns; enquiring specifically about the catering cost per head, service and decoration charges, and advance to be paid.

Business Mathematics and Statistics (Code : 52411202) B.Com. Part-2

Q.1. (a) An amount of Rs. 65,000 is invested in three investments at the rate of 6%, 8% and 9% per annum, respectively. The total annual income is Rs. 4,800. The income from the third investment is Rs. 600 more than the income from second investment. Using matrix algebra, determine the amount of each investment.

(b) A tour operator charges Rs. 200 per passenger for 50 passengers with a discount of Rs. 5 for each 10 passenger in excess of 50. Determine the number of passengers that will maximize the revenue of the operator.

(c) Which is better investment 8% compounded half-yearly or 7.9% compounded monthly?

Q.2. (a) Discuss the considerations that determine the selection of a suitable average. Explain by giving one example of each case.

(b) The average rainfall for a week, excluding Sunday, was 10 cms. Due to heavy rainfall on Sunday, the average for the week rose to 15 cms. How much rainfall was on Sunday?

(c) For a moderately skewed distribution, the median price of men’s shoes is Rs. 380 and modal price is Rs. 350. Calculate mean price of shoes.

Q.3. (a) The mean and standard deviations of two brands of light bulbs are given below:
Brand I                                                           Brand II
Mean 800 hours                                             770 hours
Standard deviation 100 hours                    60 hours
Calculate a measure of relative dispersion for the two brands and interpret the result.

(c) Show that the coefficient of correlation is the geometric mean of the two regression coefficients.

(d) The two regression coefficients are 1.5 and 0.6 and the coefficient of correlation is 0.90. Comment.

Corporate Accounting B.Com. (Code : CA) 2nd Year, Annual SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper

Q.1. (a) Explain the provision relating to utilization of the securities premium Account.

(b) What are the advantages of Buy back of shares by a company

(c) Explain the term purchase consideration as per AS-14

(d) Explain the meaning and objective of cash flow statement

Q.2. X Ltd. Whose issued share capital on 31 March 2013 consisted of 24,000,10% Preference shares of Rs.100 each fully paid up and 60,000 Equity share of Rs.100 each, Rs. 90 paid up, decided to redeem preference shares at a premium of Rs.10 per share .The company’s balance sheet as on 31-3-2013 showed a general reserve of Rs.28,00,000.The redemption was effected partly out of the proceeds of a new issue of 12,000 equity shares of Rs.100 each at a premium of Rs.35 per share .The premium payable on the redemption was met out of the premium received on the new issue .
On 1 July 2013, the company at its general meeting resolved that the reserves be applied in the following manner:

i) The declaration of bonus at the rate of Rs.10 per share on the equity share for the purpose of making the said equity share fully paid, and
ii) The issue of bonus shares to old equity shareholders in the ratio of one share for every five shares held by them
You are required to pass necessary journal entries.

Q.3. The following is the Balance sheet of Nidhi on 31st March 2016.

The following scheme of reconstruction is executed
i) Equity shares are reduced by Rs 95 per share .They are,then,consolidated into 10,000 equity shares of Rs.10 each .
ii) Debenture holders agree to forgo outstanding debenture interest.As a compensation 12% Debentures are converted into 14% Debentures,the amount remaining Rs.5,00,000.
iii) Creditos are given the option to either accept 50% of their claim in cash in full settlement or to convert their claim into equity shares of Rs.10 each.Creditors for Rs. 2,00,000 opt for shares in satisfaction of their claims.
iv) To make payment to creditors opting for cash payment and to augment working capital,the company issues 50,000 equity shares of Rs. 10 each at par ,the entire amount being payable along with application. The issues was fully subscribed.
v) Land and Building are revalued at Rs. 2,00,000 whereas Plant and Machinery is to be written down to Rs. 2,10,000. A provision amounting to Rs. 5,000 is to be made for doubtful debts .
Pass Journal entires and draft the company Blance Sheet immediately after the reconstruction.

Q.4. (a) The net income reported on the income statement for the year was Rs.1,10,000 and depreciation of fixed assets for the year was Rs.44,000. The balances of the current asset and current liability accounts at the beginning and end of the year are as follows:

Calculate total cash from operation activities.
(b) From the following particulars, you are required to calculate :
(i) Current Ratio (ii) Net Profit Ratio (iii) Gross Profit Ratio
Net Sales : Rs.1,40,000; Gross Profit :Rs.10,000; Net Profit :Rs.6,000; B/R : Rs.2000 ;
Debtors:Rs.8,000; Stock: Rs.10,000; Cash: Rs.6000; Creditors:Rs.12,000; B/P:Rs.8,800

Income Tax & Auditing (Code : ITA) B.Com. Annual Part-2 SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper

Q.1. (a) Mr Deepanshu, a 35 years old Indian citizen and resident in India in the previous year. He is conducting three different business activities (speculative and non-speculative) also has income and losses from House property, capital gains and other sources. He is confused in setting-off and carry forward of losses from different sources among different heads on intra head and inter head basis. Help and guide him.

(b) Ms. Mohini, a non-resident, aged 61 years, in the previous year 2018-19, earned Rs. 3,50,000 from processing of agricultural produce in India. She earned USD 5,000 (1 USD=72) from agricultural land in Australia. Her non-agricultural income in India was Rs. 7,50,000 and outside India was Rs. 60,00,000 (estimated). She has contributed USD 1,000 in PM Relief Fund in Australia and Rs 70,000 (via Bank NEFT transfer) to the ‘International Society for Krishna Consciousness’ (eligible u/s 80G) in India. Compute her total taxable income in India for the A.Y. 2019-20.

Q.2. Ms. Shreya, 33 years old, a non-resident, owns a house in India which is let out wef 1st October 2018. The construction of the house was completed on 1st Sept. 2018. The house is let out on a monthly rent of Rs. 75,000. Rent of two months could not be realized. Other details of the house are as follows:
Municipal valuation – Rs. 50,000 pm
Municipal taxes due for 2018-19 – Rs. 50,000 out of which taxes paid during the year are Rs. 30,000. Out of this Rs. 30,000, Rs. 20,000 is paid by the owner and Rs. 10,000 is paid by the tenant during the previous year 2018-19.
Ms. Shreya took a loan of Rs. 15,00,000 from HDFC Bank on 1st September 2013 @ 12.5% per annum for construction of this house. Rs. 2,00,000 was repaid on 31st March 2016. Remaining amount is unpaid so far.
Compute net income and tax liability of Ms. Shreya for the assessment year 2019-20. She spends Rs. 30,000 on medical treatment of her dependant brother who is suffering from a disease specified in the rules made by the Board and claims a deduction for the same under relevant section. Her income from other sources is Rs. 5,70,000 and a loss of Rs. 50,000 (short term) from Capital Gains head.

Q.3. Mr. Ishank is employed with the central government with effect from 10th August 2013. His details of income and investments for the previous year 2018-19 are as follows:
Income from salary 12,60,000 (Rs. 1,05,000 per month)
Loss from House Property 15,000
Income from other sources 1,10,000

He deposits Rs. 60,000 in public provident fund and pays Rs. 30,000 as tuition fees of his younger sister studying in a school in Delhi. He also contributes Rs. 20,000 towards ICICI’s Retirement Benefit Fund. He donated Rs. 15,000 (Rs. 5000 in cash and rest via online net-banking transfer) towards PM Cares Fund. He donated Rs. 2000 in cash to one of local NGOs, (not registered under section 12AA). He contributes 15% of his salary towards notified pension fund of central government. His employer also contributes the equal amount to his pension fund. 12 years old daughter of Mr. Ishank earned Rs. 30,000 (eligible u/s 64(1A)). Wife of Mr. Ishank is a housewife and she earned Rs. 2,00,000 by some handcraft work. Compute total taxable income of Mr. Ishank for the assessment year 2019-20.

Q.4. (a) What do you mean by continuous Audit? Distinguish between continuous Audit and Annual Audit.
(b) “Accounting is a necessity to business but auditing is a luxury” Comment on the statement.

English Discipline Specific Course The Individual and Society B.A. Programme / Semester-I

Q.1 Ismat Chugtai’s ‘Kallu’ proves that people’s attitudes are dictated by money.
Q.2 Compare and contrast the characters of Dukhi and Chikuri.
Q.3 Examine critically Tagore’s depiction of the shallow male dominated society and the
subjugation of women in ‘The Exercise Book.’
Q.4 In what ways is ‘Breaking Out’ a poem about the liberation of women?

Generic Elective/ Individual and Society B.A. (Hons) Pol. Sc. Semester-I

Q.1 Do you think the title of the story “Deliverance” is appropriate? Discuss in detail.
Q.2 In Roger Mais’ story “Black Out” the American girl displays a typical racist
prejudice towards the young man. Discuss.
Q.3 Explain how the two poems “Dulce Et Decorum Est” and “Conscientious
Objector” are different in their approach to the subject of war.
Q.4 According to Barthes mass produced mechanical toys curb the spirit of
questioning in children and perpetuate dominant ideologies. Explain.

Generic Elective/ Academic Writing and Composition B.A. (Hons) Pol. Sc. Semester II

Q.1 What is the significance of cohesion in writing? Give examples to illustrate your answer.
Q.2 Write a critical note on the principles of academic writing. Do you think these principles should be followed for academic writing? Give reasons for your answer.
Q.3 Contextual appropriateness is very important for any writing. Discuss with examples.
Q.4 Learning to ask questions is one of the aims of education. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer.

Core English – Language through Literature B.A. (P) / B.Com (P) Semester II SOL DU Solved Assignment Paper

Q.1 Write a letter to your brother explaining the importance of washing hands and social distancing to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Q.2 Comment on Ambai`s retelling of Sita`s story Crossing the River.
Q.3 The poem “Caged Bird” revolves around the idea that songs have the power to set one free. Discuss.
Q.4 What are the dangers of social media? Discuss with reference to the essay How Social Media Endangers Knowledge by Hosse in Derakhshan.

English Fluency B.A. (P) /B.Com (P) / Semester-II

Q.1(a) You recently visited your grandparents, who live in a different city, after a long time. Write a diary entry, in about 300-400 words, describing your feelings and observations about the trip.
(b) You are chatting with your friend about the problems that you are facing because of the lockdown in the country. Write a dialogue, with ten sentences each.
Q.2 (a) You recently purchased a new mobile phone but it is not working properly. Write a letter of complaint to the manufacturer, asking them to replace it with a new phone.
(b) While standing in line to buy your ticket at the Metro Station, your wallet was stolen. Write an application to the police officer in-charge of the nearest police station to register a FIR.

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