How study of Home Science will help you start your business in making nutritious food product. Name any one food product along with its method of preparation. Tell about its nutritive role also.

Suppose you are an anganwadi worker, which 2 benefits you can provide to pregnant women. How will you raise the ethical standards in anganwadi center? Make a diet plan for a pregnant woman adding one iron rich and one protein rich dish in the plan.

Tell any two reasons why people do not want to study Home Science. Write any two advantages which they can have only from this subject.

Your parents have been transferred to Delhi. Answer the following
(i) Write about buying, using, laundering and storing the woolen clothes.
(ii) Which two fibres are suitable for summer clothes and why?

Write four methods of work simplifications.

Write two methods of enhancing nutritive value each at home level and manufacturing levels.

If you are the parents of a four year old daughter and a 10 years old son, in this scenario
answer the following.
(i) Language development of the daughter
(ii) Process of teeth development in son
(iii) Cognitive development of both children
(iv) Nutritional requirements of both children

A boy of 15 years has committed a crime and the whole family is disturbed. As a student
of this course, how can you help them Answer the following?
(i) Suggest two possible reasons for indulging in crimes
(ii) Suggest two possible solutions?
(iii) How will you console their parents?
(iv) What is role of teachers to avoid such incidences?

Answer the following after studying senior secondary level course in Home Science
from NIOS.
(i) Prepare a budget for family of three where earning is Rs 15000/- p.m.
(ii) Which two precautions you will take while purchasing any electrical equipment?
(iii) Which two precautions you will take while purchasing fruits and vegetables?
(iv) Write two points with regards to the safety from electricity hazards in homes

Elaborate the following statements with the help of one example:
(i) You can prevent yourself from life style diseases by eating nutritious food.
(ii) A child physically develops from the centre of the body towards outside.
(iii) Food preservation is a good way to prevent food spoilage
(iv) Swith off all electric equipments when not in use.

(i) Collect any four small cloth pieces. Identify the fibre of which they are made of after studying their fibre properties. Write in detail.

(ii) Make a 1-3 feet Cord using different ply yarns
(iii) Weave plain and twill weaves using paper strips
(iv) Find out one main cause of heavy pollution in your area. Suggest two methods to deal with that.
(v) Find out two unfair trade practices in your local area and suggest two ways to correct them
(vi) Describe use of one human and one non-human resource while organizing utensil cupboard in your kitchen.

(i) Identify any four guidelines of effective work centers which have been used in your own home and explain with line diagram.
(ii) Suggest four methods which are being used for energy conservation in your living area.
(iii) Plan one day diet for a diabetic person and also suggest three types of modifications you have made and why.

Session 2018-19 (Home Science – 321)

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