Top Offer Nios English 302 Guide Book Free Sample Paper

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Top Offer Nios English 302 Guide Book Free Sample Paper

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Nios Books & Guides for 12th Class Free Sample Paper

Buy Top Offer Nios English 302 Guide Book Free Sample Paper all is well the open publications. We provide best top publications guide books for senior secondary class student. This Nios book contain lesson summary, chapter wise question with their answers, long questions, short questions & some extra questions with solution.

We also provide best sample paper of the open publications contain chapter wise important and most important question with their answers.

Nios Books Guide Top Offer Nios English 302 Guide Book Free Sample Paper for 12th Class for Upcoming Examination Academic Session March/April and October/November Stream 1 Public Exam.

This Nios Guide books are also applicable for On-Demand Examination & stream 2 student admission. Buy Best Nios Guide Books for 10th & 12th Class All Subjects.

Nios Help Books for 10th & 12th Class All Subjects.

We all knows that National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is distance learning open board. They do not provide regular classes so that nios learner can’t understand nios study material e.g. text book them self. He\She requires reference guide for better understanding NIOS board syllabus.

Here, we have bought best nios help books only for nios student based on latest prescribed national institute of open schooling board. We guarantee the lowest price and original guide book. Student can easily read and learn it them self because it has good collection of word.

Nios English 302 Guide Book Sample Paper Covers


  1. My First Steps
  2. Leisure
  3. Reading with Understanding
  4. Father, Dear Father
  5. Fuel of the Future
  6. My Grandmother’s House
  7. Reading with Understanding
  8. A Case of Suspicion
  9. My Son will not a Beggar be
  10. Where the Mind is Without Fear
  11. Reading with Understanding
  12. If I Were You
  13. The Tiger in the Tunnel
  14. The Road not Taken
  15. Reading with Understanding
  16. I Must Know the Truth
  17. India-Her Past and Future
  18. Night of the Scorpion
  19. Reading with Understanding
  20. Reading with Understanding
  21. Reading with Understanding
  22. Reading with Understanding
  23. Reading with Understanding
  24. Reading with Understanding
  25. Bholi


Modul-I ESP Receptionist

  1. The Reception Desk and You
  2. Managing The Telephone
  3. Analysing Turns in Telephoning
  4. ControllingStrategies and Out going Calls
  5. Aids for a Receptionist

Modul-II ESP Office Use

  1. Face to Face Communication in Business
  2. Writing Memos and Letters
  3. Writing e-mails
  4. Writing Reports
  5. Writing Job Applications
  6. Appearing for an Interview

English Grammar

  • Tenses
  • Prepositions
  • Drect/Indirect Speech
  • Preecis-Writing
  • Letter Writing + Application
  • Articles
  • Active/Passive Voice
  • Letters
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Txt and Table