Write three characteristics of Mahisha surmardini at kailash temple of Ellora.

Write three characteristics of Nataraja brouze sculpture.

Write the name of materials was used in the construction of Gole Gumbad

Write the medium, period and style of the painting Jahangir Holding a pircture of Madona”.

Describe in brief the painting “Falcon on the Bird Rest”.

Write the two charectaristics of Mughal Miniature Painting.

Write down the reasons of calling “Taj Mahal” as a very good example of Mughal Architecture.

Write the method of preparing bronze idol using lost wax process.

Explain the characteristics of Company School paintings.

What was the purpose of East India Company to recruit the Indian artists?

Draw four stages of human form, like as childhood, adulthood, middle age and old age, you can depict a male or female figure of these stage. Fill with any colours.

Take three shapes-Circle, square and triangle. Draw atleast five objects from each of these shapes. Colour these objects with poster colour. Each object should be drawn on A4 size paper.

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