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Nios Geography 316 (Bhugol) Practical Lab Manual Help Book In Hindi Medium

Here, we provide NIOS Geography 316 Practical Lab Manual Help Book In Hindi Medium, Examination Guidelines for 12th Class with important Experiments, Marking Scheme.

Guidelines for Nios (316) Geograhy Practical Examination Senior Secondary Level

Duration : 3 hours           There will be a practical examination of 20 marks apart from the theory examination.

General Instructions
1. Out of total marks(20), 2marks are allotted for viva-voce, 3marks for practical Record Book and
15 marks for practical examinations (written work).
2. The examiners may ask simple questions from of the following units (details are given in the Practical
Manual in Geography).
a. Map and its Elements                          5 marks
b. Map Interpretation                              5 marks
c. Statistical Diagrams                             5 marks

d. Viva                                                         5 marks

Total 20 marks

a. Map and Its Elements
i) Construction of a simple scale                                                                                                                2 marks
ii) Construction of graticule of anyone of the following Map Projections:                                        3 marks
Cylindrical Equal-Area, Simple Conical with one standard parallel and Mercator’s Projection
(provide table from the manual).
b. Map Interpretation
Interpretation of topographical map
Interpretation of Weather map                                                                                                                   5 marks

Note: Examiners are advised to get Xeroxed copies of these maps provided in the practical manual
c. Statistical Diagrams
i) Construction of Line graph/Bar diagram/Star diagram                                                                   2 marks
ii) Construction of pie diagram/Distribution Maps                                                                               3 marks
Note: Examiners are expected to provide latest data for the above diagrams/get referece from nios official website.

List of Practical works Nios Bhugol 316 Practical Lab Manual Help Book In Hindi Medium:

  1. मानचित्र : संकल्पनाएँ और कुशलताएँ
  2. मानचित्र प्रक्षेप
  3. स्थलाकृतिक मानचित्रो की व्याख्या
  4. मौसम मानचित्रो का अध्ययन
  5. आकड़ो की व्याख्या तथा सांखियकीय आरेख

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