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Nios Computer Science 330 Practical Lab Manual Help Book In English Medium

Here, we provide Nios Computer Science 330 Practical Lab Manual Help Book In English Medium, Examination Guidelines for 12th Class with important Experiments, Marking Scheme.

Guidelines for Nios (330) Computer Sciecne Practical Examination Senior Secondary Level

Duration : 3 hours           There will be a practical examination of 40 marks apart from the theory examination.


  1. Create your e-mail account on Gmail/Yahoo mail/Hotmail.
  2. XYZ enterprises, a pharmaceutical company is heading for its annual general body meeting. You have been assigned the work to create a document using OpenOffice Writer highlighting the important achievements of your company. Also form a spreadsheet in Calc showing the item wise sales in each month. The spreadsheet should also show the average sales figures and the total annual
    sales. Finally, form a 3 minutes presentation using Impress highlighting your company, its objective, estimated sales target and the achieved sales in the last financial year. (Note : You may assume the sales figures)
  3. Write a C++ program to accept two numbers, a float and an integer and display the following :-
    a) Sum of two numbers in integer form.
    b) Sum of two numbers in float form.
  4. Write a C++ program that accepts radius and then displays the area and perimeter of a circle. Consider “Pi” as a constant with value 3.14.

  5. Write a C++ program to accept a number. Using conditional operator print whether the number is even or odd.
  6. Write a C++ program to accept a character. Print whether the character is an alphabet, digit, or a special character. Display appropriate messages.
  7. Write a C++ program to accept a number and display the corresponding number of week day
    E.g., If the user enters “1” display “ Monday”, if the user enters “2” display “ Tuesday”…… and so on.
  8. Write a C++ program (using while loop ) to display all the multiples of 5 from 100 to 50.
  9. Write a program using do..while loop to display the Fibonacci series 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5… n
  10. Write a C++ program using for loop to find whether the number is an Armstrong number or not.
  11. Write a menu driven program to swap two numbers using call by value and call by reference.
  12. Create three functions by the name CALCULATE() according to the prototypes given below:
    a. void CALCULATE(int)                                   // to check whether the argument being
    passed is even or odd
    b. int CALCULATE(int, int)                             // to return the sum of two numbers being
    passed as arguments.
    c. void CALCULATE()                                     // to display the message “ YOU ARE
  13. Write a C++ program to accept two strings and do the following:

    1. Compare the two Strings

    2. Display the length of the strings

    3. Append the strings

  14. Write a C++ program to accept ten numbers using an array. Search for a number in an array using binary search method.
  15. Write a C++ program to accept eight numbers in an array. Sort the numbers in ascending order using Bubble sort method. Also insert a number in the sorted array.
  16. Write a C++ program to accept two arrays and merge them to form a new array such that the new array contains the elements from both the arrays alternatively.
  17. Write a C++ program to accept 4 X 4 matrix and find the sum of odd numbers of the matrix.
  18. Create a structure named General_Date with day(int), month(string) and year(int) as its members. Create another structure named Employment_Exchange with application_no(int), Application_name(String), DOB(instance of General_Date), Qualification(String) and Family_income(float).
    Write a C++ program to accept the members of the structure Employment_Exchange. If the family income is less than 1000 then display the message “Eligible for Rozgar Yojna” else display for “ Not Eligible for Rozgar Yojna”.
  19. Write a C++ program to reverse a number using pointers.

  20. Write a C++ program to accept an integer array of size 10. Display the squares of all the elements by using a pointer to the array.
  21. Gita is running a departmental store in her colony. She wants to computerize the billing system. Consider a class containing suitable members and associated functions. The program should store details of all the bills in the file “BILL.dat”. Also a discount of 10% on the net bill amount should be given to all the customers whose net bill amount exceeds Rs 2000.
  22. Modify column value in existing table using SQL commands.
  23. Drop a column from existing table using SQL commands.
  24. Perform DML commands INSERT on the following table.
  25. Create an HTML document which will display the ordered list of practical mentioned in this manual.
  26. Create a web page that displays title “HELLO WORLD” and content “Delhi is the capital of India” in Italic and bold.
  27. Add an image on existing web page. & more.

Note: Examiners are expected to provide latest data for the above diagrams/get referece from nios official website.

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