Write any two positive economic effects of tourism.

Describe any two teachings of Sikhism.

Explain any two main of features of Islamic Culture.

Explain any two reasons for which travel insurance is required?

Explain the meaning of adventure tourism.

Which four places known for Indian architecture will you like to show to the foreign tourists? Explain the reason.

Suppose you are a hotel manager. List any four needs of the tourists which you will like to fulfill to make them happy.

Suppose you are a tourist guide. How will you showcase the Indian culture of ‘Unity in diversity’ for the tourist?

Highlight the importance of any four museums in India which are an attraction for the tourists.

Highlight the importance of any four sacred places and heritage sites of Hindu.

Visit any hill station of your choice and collect the different informations about the hill station such as – height for the sea level, different points of attractions, different modes of transport, temperature, available hotels and also about the crowd). On the basis of this information prepare a report showcasing the importance and attraction of the hill station.

Suppose you are to go for some foreign destination for tourism. What steps should be taken by you to make your journey comfortable and hassle free? List any six such steps.

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